I’m presently enjoying 3 hours of forced waiting provided by Allegiant Air. I figured I would take the moment to kick off the first blog of 2017.

I still think humans need to learn to be humans…speak to one another in their Über and/or cafe. Be human. But–I am pleased the internet has calmed down since Trump v. Clinton. Social media, the internet and IG has never had so little meaning in my world. I do enjoy a newspaper and book, however.
I have recently learned more about coaching functional and effective movement.
I’m getting a perspective on how to run the back end of a CrossFit box.
Simultaneously I pour lattes, and cook lots of sweet potatoes and eggs.

I’ve just spent a week at USC meeting people of peace (matt 10). We simply prayed and met people as one does when they’re excited about life…and that I am. After meeting the right people we made our best attempts at building a significant connection with them. This wasn’t hard. I actually REALLY REALLY enjoy humans. And I’m always in WONDER at their lives…especially when they’ve heard that song..that call to the table. I mean wild folk…
It’s also encouraging to find that there’s always a hobbit hole or two full of intentional family. From Biola to USC, DTLA to Huntington Beach there are homes with fires blazing away in the dark…all banging a rhythm that leads to liberty. It’s amazing. I’m encouraged because we’re all looking at the same dream.
The vision is a network of family. A web of church bodies…not centered around a building, or some staunch rulebook…but around a radical love and pursuit of a life spent with Jesus…around His rhythms and Kingdom. Holla? That’s good vision right? Discipleship His way–which includes the nations and the excellent elite spheres of influence.
I feel like in less than a week I’ve met more influential people by laughter and human contact than I could have had I done programming, blogging, instagramming and networking for months on months.
I believe that’s because it’s not hard to feel leadership…and presence is hard to fake. Joy attracts joy. There’s nothing better than standing next to someone you know you’re designed like. That emanating WILD that you can’t really teach…it’s just what you have when you’ve met destiny Himself. Indeed, I met a few wild ones this week.
It’s hard to come back out of the wardrobe unchanged. Or at least, without having some fantastic gleam in your eye.

Women with zeal and men with purpose.

Something I typically miss about cities like Los Angeles is the people typically haven’t succumbed to fear or settling.
We weren’t designed to settle. We’re not even good at it. Our settling (for less than fulness/fully alive) spawns chronic disease, addiction, frustration and just plain boredom. It distorts colors.
Chase the lion. Learn to run with Him. Meet the beast in the field. And your strides become longer, your breath more full and your eyes stay bright.
I saw a lot of that in LA this week. And it wasn’t feigned joy either, which has often been the case when visiting this city. Holla. Life. Abundant.
I’m presently enjoying 3 hours of forced waiting provided by Allegiant Air. I figured I would take the moment to kick off the first blog of 2017.