A log of thoughts and learnings from the process.

The reward.

The reward of love is found in possessing the ability to love.

The highest reward of true love is found in possessing the love itself. Those who are wealthy in love do not look at price tags. Anybody can quit except a person in love. When we are tempted to quit, the obstacle in our path is that we love God. God is raising up a people who will not quit.

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Shattered and Shredded

Since I have put myself in this position where I feel like I’m embracing death and eating sorrow…what will you do with your boy? What then will you do with my heart? And how will I see you now? I pray you are great God. Show up so real! Because I need a personal God right now. I need vision from a miraculous and supernatural brother! I can’t see ten feet in front of me so I need something to carry me…ARE YOU THAT GOD? I have put myself in a position to know you better…

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The design.

The God who hears us sigh. I suppose many times in my life I’ve only needed to know that you were a God who hears our cries… or our groans, or our roars, or our pleas. The question came from deep within my head, heart and lungs, God…you heard me sigh... read more

Not willing to live without you…and all of me.

I found myself riding under the stars. Last night. Literally. Under the stars I was riding. Also in the literal, I was speaking to God. Outloud. Into my helmet sheild. In Calfornia, underneath the great void which is filled with bright burning balls of light, I was... read more

Death Petrol vs Lamb Gasoline.

I said to myself and to my friend,

I cannot take this indecision any longer. Either something in my past is keeping my from being content right now and peaceful in this time of slow hiding and learning, or SOMETHING from my past has TAUGHT me to be afraid of making a radical move to MOVE FORWARD and take a ZEALOUS LEAP!

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Beginning to understand. Dreamer’s prayer.

I want to understand more. I want to see clearer. I want to judge less. I want to be apart of what you’re doing God. I want to allow myself the freedom to hear exactly what you’re speaking in that moment. I want to laugh about my salvation again. I want to stop taking my yolk back from you. I also would like to plow without looking behind me.

Now to you Jesus. Now to you who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ever ask or imagine. To you I give my praise.

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Recent happenings.

Today. Today was something like…well it seemed like the montage portion of an episode or movie… …the part where stuff starts moving. Jesus. Come. Yesterday I prayed, “God, make yourself known in a way that I would know that it’s truly... read more


I was sitting next to Rich on an airplane preparing to depart New Delhi, India. My chest was full of thoughts.  Yes, I think with my chest. My lungs and heart are very telling when I’m deep in thought… …Thoughts of putting my talents and giftings... read more