A log of thoughts and learnings from the process.

An Open Letter To Someone (1 of Many)

Dear Someone, This weekend in Washington I realized the scene I was looking at was somewhat…off. Multiple youths, adults and in-betweeners–singing a song they didn’t write, to, for some of them, a God they didn’t know. So…then,... read more

A few thoughts on the word, “Family”.

So many examples of what family isn’t. Not so many examples of what it is. However, I think we see, through the collective group of those that follow Jesus’ example, what it could look like: Intimate.  No blanket statements allowed here.  No general truths... read more

The Answer to Every Question

The earliest memory I have is your promise. Your word was the reward for enduring an uncomfortable moment.

The first memory is me being afraid of the dark. I was afraid of demons, monsters…and silence.

I endured because there was a reward for waiting it out…

Sometimes that reward was morning light and playtime in the light…

When I couldn’t run to the parental units or my sister, I sat patiently knowing that someday I’d be older, stronger and more learned.

Later the reward was promise of becoming a man that wasn’t afraid of the dark.

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wild ones.

I’m presently enjoying 3 hours of forced waiting provided by Allegiant Air. I figured I would take the moment to kick off the first blog of 2017. I still think humans need to learn to be humans…speak to one another in their Über and/or cafe. Be human.... read more

Didn’t Jesus give us gifts for this?

What gift is in your design? Who are you? As the world begs for you, oh Christian, to step out of obscurity. I have this image of Father Christmas handing gifts to each of the Pevensie children. Lucy recieved healing…Peter a horn to unite and a sword to... read more

An open letter to an inanimate noun.

If I were to address this season with a letter to the host region: Dear Kansas, Thank you. For introducing me to yet a different version of myself. We’ll call this version: #27Not trying to prove anything. and my perspective of Jesus’ version will be:... read more


Haven’t checked for typos, feel free to let me know:   I’ve been getting hugs.  Snuggles.  Kisses.  Late nights. . I don’t sleep a lot lately…thinking on this relationship.  Learning to communicate…probably just like a child... read more